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For Paul Bradshaw, a british Journalist, writing f.e. for the OJBlog,  we had to prepare a mobile reporting for covering a live event.
To practice this, i chose the Festival der Regionen, that takes place this weekend in Eferding, Upper Austria.

The most important key people that I would like to contact before the Festival are the organizers of the event. They are mentioned on their homepage under “Beteiligte“. There I would pick a few of the most interesting ones, for example Wolfgang Musil or the school class NMS Eferding Nord. I could contact them via their information on the homepage and ask for more details concerning the event. Also, Thomas Kreiseder, is an important contact, as he is the spokesmen of the Festival. When I arrive in Eferding, the visitors are getting more and more important. Quotes, Videos and personal experiences make it easier to show how the Festival is seen by others.

As key platforms I would see the print press and the radio. Due to the high local engagement it will be very important to include them and publish everything in Upper Austria, since no one in Vienna even knows this Festival. It is  called “Festival der Regionen” (Festival of the Region) for a reason. 😉 As we learned today: People need a reason why they should read a story. Here is the reason: They live here. I admit, that it might not be as interesting for everyone else, but maybe they will like it as well.

Key theme of my reportage would be the region itself, the people living in it and the Festival itself. There are a lot of Projects to choose from and also various people to interview. One of my favorite projects is “GOSSIP“. The artist will chat with the people living in Eferding and collecting rumors and gossip about and from them. Actors will then put the rumors on screen, not revealing whom they are playing.
Another interesting point would  be the reaction of the organizers to the horrible flood that is happening right now, and that is also affecting Eferding. On the website they already announced that they will collect money and one project had to be canceled. So the reaction will reveal a lot about the character of the organisation as well.

As for the preparation needed, I think it will be pretty easy to get a lot of good content at this festival. It will be hard to give an overview, due the amount of different projects. Nevertheless it would be good to know something about the region before, about the history and the people living there, that it will be easier to get in touch with them. During the entire time there, I would like to tweet about my experiences there and post pictures and videos online, because it gives people a deeper insight on the festival. The festival is also on Twitter (@festivdregionen) and can therefore also be contacted through twitter.


An article starting with the history of the Festival and a short introduction to the topic. Going deeper into the topic with the examples of a few projects which can be seen at the Festival and the explanation of why this topic is so important to that region. Comments and Critics from visitors and organisators, as well as from artists itself. It can not be forgotten to mention the recent flood that happened in Upper Austria. There will be an explanation of why the event was not cancelled and how people reacted to the flood. At the end there will be a short timeline about the upcoming events and  basic information that is still needed. It should be printed with at least 2-3 pictures to make it look more attractive

A radio podcast talking about almost the same information as above, but shorter and with more comments and less background information. Important are the flood and the timeline to inform people when it is best to come and what they will see.


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